Zoe Jameson
Zoe Jameson


Zoe Jameson





Date of Birth

August 9th, 1986


Jordan Jameson


Alan Jameson


Lana Jameson

Zoe Jameson (August 9th, 1986) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.   The year she was born, her mother was diagnosed with Huntington's. Growing up she was always worried if she had it or not. She had an older sister, Lana, who was 6 years older than her. In 1996 her sister was diagnosed with Huntington's as well, despite being a young age. Zoe was 10 at the time. That same year her sister got pregnant, and had a daughter -- Sarah-Nicole. Her mother also died that year. WHen she was 12 her sister left town. She started High School in 2001, and that year her father was diagnosed with Alzheimers. This made her school work take a backseat to taking care of her father. In 2004 her sister died of Huntington's, which made it even harder on her -- she had to take in her niece. She was barely over 18 years old, and had to put her father in a home. After graduating, she took a job at Azure Beach. She also got tested for the Huntington's gene, but was discovered not to have it. It was difficult being a mother to a girl ten years younger than her, but Zoe has done her best. In 2008 her father died. 



Lana Jameson -- Sister (Deceased)

Sarah-Nicole Jameson -- Niece


Joshua Reese -- Co-Worker

Trevor Hess -- Co-Worker


Tabitha French -- Friend

Kristin Lewis -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"It wasn't easy taking care of an 8 year old girl when I was just 18 myself.  But I did my best."

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