Victoria Brooke
Victoria Brooke


Victoria Brooke





Date of Birth

January 9th, 1995


Shelley Brooke


Joseph Brooke


Ken Brooke (Half-Brother) (Deceased)
Keith Brooke (Half-Brother

Vicotira Brooke (January 9th, 1995) was born in Rising Hope Alabama. She had one older brother, and one younger brother -- but both of them were half-brothers. Victoria attended Henry Hitchcock High School, and was on the cheerleading team. Her parents died in a car accident when she was just 15 years old. It was then that her grandparents came to take care of her and her two brothers. Unfortunately her grandparents passed away within a year, and their Aunt Dylan came to take care of them. But after having a bad fall, she too died, as did her real father who had sued for custody of her. Victoria and her little brother have had a lot of tragedy in their life -- even their older brother, a fireman, died earlier this year. Victoria is very well liked by most people in town. People consider her considerate and polite. Her best friend is Harper Paisley. She now is the sole guardian of her younger brother. She took a job at the Veterinary clinic in order to make some money



Shelley Brooke -- Mother

Joseph Brooke -- Father

Donald Brooke -- Uncle/Step-Brother

Ken Brooke -- Half-Brother/Cousin

Keith Brooke -- Half-Brother/Cousin

Dylan Beaumont -- Aunt


Elizabeth Silverton -- Boss

Caitlin Parks -- Co-Worker


Harper Paisley -- Best Friend

Becky Hicks -- Friend

Quinn Castle -- Friend

Coredlia Abbott -- Friend

Porsche Laughlin -- Friend

Charisma Decker -- Friend


No outstanding questions.


"When I learned that my parents adopted me... I felt kind of alone, you know?  I mean I wasn't related to Dylan.  And then I found out that mom was my real mother, and Uncle Joseph was my father.  And now I don't feel alone, but I feel confused."

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