Tiffany Andrews
Tiffany Andrews


Tiffany Andrews





Date of Birth

February 21st, 1981


Shadow Valley, California

Significant Other

Michael Andrews

Tiffany Clancy Andrews (February 21st 1981) was born in Shadow Valley California. She married Michael Andrews when she was 22 years old. She then got a job as a teacher at a High School. She teaches US History and Government. Tiffany was suspected of having an affair with Mayor Phillip Spencer at one point but the rumors were proved to be unfounded.


When she was six years old she became best friends with Michael Andrews. She and Michael were often found at each others house. Even in mIddle school. They'd do homework together, go trick-or-treating and even get each other Christmas presents. In High School however, Michael started dating Sorority Gleason. A fact that made Tiffany sad, though at the time she didn't know why -- she had a crush on him. When Michael and Sorority split up, Tiffany was there to console him. It wasn't until 1997 at their junior prom that Michael finally asked Tiffany out.

Adult LifeEdit

Tiffany went off to college after high school, but she and Michael continued dating. In 2003 they got married. Two years later she got a job as a History Teacher at the local high school. Tiffany and Michael decdied against having kids until TIffany was able to earn tenure. In 2008 Tiffany took ill, and slipped into a coma however.


For six months Tiffany was stuck in a coma. During which time her husband started sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Sorority Spencer. Tiffany was kept in the dark about this however. After she came to, her husband tried to break off the affair, but was unable to.

Shadow Valley SlayerEdit

During the murders committed by the Shadow Valley Slayer people in town began to suspect Tiffany of having an affair with Mayor Phillip Spencer. This was further fueled by the fact the mayor paid off her hospital bills, and had photographs of her. However it turned out that the Mayor knew that his wife was having an affair with Tiffany's husband. He had been following Michael around to find out what he was up to.

Life after the SlayerEdit

After the murders ended and Lilith Winchester was apprehended, Michael told her the truth. Tiffany decided to leave Michael, but decided against it after learning that she was pregnant. She gave birth to a baby boy -- Titus Andrews. Tiffany would later go on to have an affair with a co-worker, and get pregnant by him. But Michael forgave her because she had forgiven him. All things were considered equal. Tiffany had a baby girl this time -- Michelle Andrews.


"My husband is very timid. They don't speak often, if at all really." - On if her husband and the Mayor spoke