Ted McAnally
Ted McAnally


Ted McAnally




CEO of McAnally Beer

Date of Birth

January 14th, 1977


Kitty McAnally


Robert McAnally


RJ McAnally
Regina McAnally

Ted McAnally (January 14th, 1977) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  His father was co-founder of Discern, and the founder of McAnally Beer. When Ted was a year old his father purchased Forester Enterprises for $2,000,000. Ted's family was very well off growing up, but always spent a lot of money. Ted graduated as Valedictorian of the class of 1995. He had a crush on Darla Lancaster growing up, but she never had any interest in him. He took a job at his father's company after he finished high school, hoping one day to take over. He was never interested in Discern. In 1999 he finished college and was named VP of The McAnally Company. Unlike his siblings, he was responsible. He was also well liked. He dated Lisa Mills for a while, before the two broke up. His father retired in 2007, but Ted was not named President -- his older brother was. But then his father went to jail for Fraud. The board named him CEO of McAnally, and is trying to dig his family out of trouble. In the 6 years that he's been CEO he's managed to bring the company's stock (which at one time was $50/share) back from $12.50/share up to $30/share. 



Robert McAnally -- Father

Kitty McAnally -- Mother

RJ McAnally -- Brother

Regina McAnally -- Sister

Lara McAnally -- Niece


Jack Langston -- Co-Worker


Lisa Mills -- Ex-Girlfriend

Darla Lancaster -- Friend

Gil Martinez -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"Anally Beer... and you don't honestly see a problem with this... how?"

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