Tanner Adair
Tanner Adair


Tanner Adair





Date of Birth

September 1st, 1942

Date of Death

February 1st, 1994

Significant Other

Elise Adair


Flower Montgomery
Edward Adair
Chad Landi


Gwen Adair


Theodore Adair

Tanner Adair (September 1st, 1942 - Februry 1st 1994) was born in Passion Point Florida to Theodore Adair and Gwen Adair. His grandmother was born out of incest between Thomas Lumen and his mother Lucy Lumen. He is a descendant of Thomas Lumen. Thomas was born to Levi Lumen and his daughter Abigail Lumen. Thomas married Lydia Lumen and the two had two children together Lucy Lumen and Michael Lumen. Tanner was Lucy's grandson. Tanner was raised knowing the story of how his great grandfather killed 7 nuns. It was that which lead him to believe it was his destiny to bring horror to the town of Passion Point. When he was 20 years old he became a police officer in order to abuse the power he had. In 1967 he was promoted to Detective, which he used to sleep with young girls, and force them to do what he wanted. He abused his powers badly, something that didn't escape Chief Charles Shirazi or later Chief Calvin Shirazi. It was becuase of that he was often given lesser assignments where he couldn't abuse his powers. But he still found his way. In 1976 he met and married Elise Adair, at the time Elise Florentine. It was also around that time he began working for Dallas Emerson. Tanner and Elise had a daughter in 1977. It wouldn't be for another 7 years that they'd have their next child -- Edward Adair. Between children, Tanner is believed to have slept with many young girls by helping them get out of trouble. He also became addicted to cocaine, and often would sell the stuff. Calvin Shirazi tried having him kicked off the force, but Dallas Emerson protected him. Something that wouldn't escape Alistair Wisemail or his son, Alec Wiesmail. In 1989 thye'd have a third son -- Chad Landi. It wasn't long after that he started sleeping with his daughter. He had hoped to get her pregnant, but it never came about. He was passed over for Chief for Garrick Wornos who was much younger than him. Alec Wisemail didn't want one of Dallas's puppets to control the Police force in town. A year later in 1991 his wife found out what he was doing. So he killed her, and covered it up by paying Ginny Lynn $6500 to burn their house down. It wasn't long after that his daughter started using him to get what she wanted. Eventually she ran away, and took Chad with her. All he had left was Edward. So he used Edward to get young girls. In 1994, The Magic Man killed him. He snapped his neck. Tanner was said to have been shot in order to cover up the fact that The Magic Man left behind a body.