Summer Dae
Summer Dae


Summer Dae





Date of Birth

August 4th, 1986


Alice Dae


Robert Dae


Autumn Dae
Winter Dae

Summer Dae (August 6th, 1986) was born in Ruby Springs Kansas to Alice Dae and Robert Dae.  She is the oldest of three sisters.  Autumn Dae and Winter Dae are her younger sisters.  When she was 10 years old, she was locked in a cryp with twelve others.  They were locked in there for three days before being found.  Growing up she was good friends with Mary Jane Richmond and Yvonne Zimmerman.  She graduated from Charles Robinson High School in 2004.  She then went on to nursing school.  In 2007 she became a nurse for Dr. Giles Hughes.  Dr. Hughes however retired later that year.  She later worked for Dr. Levi Phelps.  During the Angels of Death Murders, Summer's mother was attacked by Alena Rubini and DC Fitzgerald becuase she was the one to convince them to give Alena to The Legend.  She goes on to marry Jack Simms.  She continues at the clinic, and has three kids -- Alicia Simms, Albert Simms and Ally Simms


Growing up on a farm was fun for Summer, who enjoyed helping her parents.  Summer was good friends with Yvonne Zimmerman and Mary Jane Richmond.  The three were very close, and talked to each other all the time.  Summer always knew that she wanted to be a nurse.  

High SchoolEdit

Summer attended Charles Robinson High School.  She continued being friends with Yvonne and Mary Jane.  The three would often study together, or go shopping.  After school finished, Yvonne went off to college while Mary Jane worked on her parents farm.  

Freshman Year % Grade
Algebra I 89% B+
English 9 92% A-
Biology 98% A+
World History I 78% C+
Gym 94% A
Latin 92% A-
Art 88% B+
Sophomore Year % Grade
Algebra II 89% B+
English 10 92% A-
Chemistry 88% B+
World History II 76% C
Gym 94% A
Latin II 92% A-
Art 88% B+
Junior  Year % Grade
Geometry 94% A
English 11 88% B+
Physics 74% C
US/KS History 88% B+
Anatomy 94% A
Latin III 90% A-
Art 88% B+
Senior Year % Grade
Pre-Calculus 78% C+
English 12 87% B
Health 98% A+
Government 90% A-
Keyboarding 88% B+
Latin IV 88% B+
Art 88% B+


After High School, Summer attended community college and later nursing school.  She finished in 2007, when she got a job in Ruby Springs as a nurse. While in college, she dated Damon Rubini for a week.  The two slept together, but not much else happened between them.


Summer took a job at the Ruby Springs Clinic in 2007 so that she could be close to her family.  Summer continued helping on her parents farm, while taking care of patients.  She worked under Dr. Giles Hughes for a while, before working under Dr. Levi Phelps.. Both of them were a little weird to her.  

Angels of Death MurdersEdit

During the Angels of Death murders her good friend Yvonne returned to Ruby Springs, which she found suspicious.  Her mom was attacked during the murders as well.  Summer assisted in taking care of the injured during this time.  She was very shocked to learn that Dr. Hughes was a serial killer.

Later LifeEdit

Summer went on to marry Jack Simms.  The two had three children together.  Summer continued working as a nurse.  She and Yvonne Zimmerman took a little time to catch up, but Yvonne left not long after the murders were over.


"Uhh, hello? I work here. Duh!"

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