Spirit Stride
Spirit Stride


Spirit Stride





Date of Birth

April 9th, 1986


Sunshine Stride


Jeffery Stockton


Blossom Stride
Rainbow Stride

Spirit Stride (April 9th, 1987) was born in Southern California.  Her mother was only 13 years old when she had her. Her parents were part of a cult in the late 80's, and she is the oldest of three sisters. She was raised by the cult, and never attended high school. She was homeschooled. She grew up in Southern California. In 2009 the FBI raided the cult, and Spirit and her sisters were taken away. Spirit moved to Rising Hope, where she opened The Midnight Lounge with help from Eric Renard. Though most consider it a brothel, she has set it up as a mostly legitimate business where people can rent rooms by the hour. She even has a massage parlor that she opened called Midnight Spa. Spirit is a free thinker, and a savvy businesswoman. She has also been fairly charitable, which has made it hard for police to come after her. 



Jeffery Stockton -- Father

Sunshine Stride -- Mother

Blossom Stride -- Sister

Rainbow Stride -- Sister


Marilyn Kirkpatrick -- Subordinate

Kennedy Berkley -- Subordinate

Frederika Wolf -- Subordinate

Ashley Shannon -- Subordinate

Holly Shannon -- Subordinate

Bailey Hicks -- Subordinate

Kayla Hicks -- Subordiante

Shea Rivers -- Subordinate

Shaundi Vitale -- Subordinate


Jeane Jordan -- Friends

Renee Swan -- Friends

Britt White -- Friends


No outstanding questions.


"The Midnight Lounge is not a brothel. It's a place where men and women can meet, and can rent rooms where they may do whatever they choose.  There are services that my girls provide -- but prostitution is not one of them.  Anything that goes beyond those services is not something that can be bought."

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