Simon Rivers
Simon Rivers


Simon Rivers




Council Member

Date of Birth

June 4th, 1972


Sarah Rivers (Divorced)
Leah Rivers (Divorced)
Shea Rivers


Milo Rivers

Simon Rivers (June 4th, 1972) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.  Growing up he was best friends with Edwin Burke. Simon was very intelligent, and graduated from High School in 1990. Two years later he married his high school sweetheart. In 1993 they had a son together - Milo. In 1997 his wife left him, but he managed to win custody of his son. In 1999 he married his second wife - Leah. She was a 22 year old swimsuit model. But their marriage in 2006 when she caught him cheating on her. In 2004 he married Shea Foster, who was a 28 year old Escort. A year later in 2007 Simon and Shea got married. Simon is not well liked in town, and most consider him a bureaucrat. 



Sarah Rivers -- Ex-Wife

Leah Rivers -- Ex-Wife

Shea Rivers -- Wife

Milo Rivers -- Son


HW Bradshaw -- Council Member

Roger Dalton -- Council Member

Edwin Burke -- Council Member/Friend

Samantha Colt -- Council Member

Veronica White -- Council Member

Catherine Campbell -- Council Member


Colin Kirkpatrick -- Friend

Lisa Mills -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"The reason we're on the council is because we help fund this town, and our families always have.  That's what allows taxes to be so low in Rising Hope.  If your property is valued at $300,000, and you live in most places in Alabama, and you are probably looking at paying $2000 in property taxes.  Here in Rising Hope you'd be paying $150."

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