The Shadow Valley Police Department was founded in 1904 under order of Mayor Edgar Wilder. The Police was originally very small, but eventually expanded. Today they serve and protect the people of Shadow Valley to the best of their ability under Police Chief Harmony Carrera. Their biggest arrest to date is the arrest of Lilith Winchester the Shadow Valley Slayer.


The Police Department was founded in 1904 in order to serve the people of Shadow Valley. It's been successfuly run for over one hundred years now, a fact that Shadow Valley is very proud of. The force was determined necessary by Mayor Wilder because of slowly raising crime rates in the area.

Chiefs of PoliceEdit

First ChiefEdit

The first Chief of Police was James Jameson. Jameson joined the force in 1924. He was promoted to Detective in 1929 It was in 1932 that he was named the first Chief of Police of Shadow Valley. He served in the position from 1929-1945. During that time he helped keep the town safe. In 1945 at the age of 39 he left the force to join the FBI.

Second ChiefEdit

After Chief Jameson left, Mayor Malcolm Fabian was tasked to naming a new Chief of Police. The natural selection was William Albright Albright joined the force in 1931, a year before the first Chief was named. He was promoted to Detective in 1936. In 1940, he had to leave the force to fight in World War II. He returned in 1945 a hero. It was because of this that Mayor Fabian had named Albright the Chief of Police. Albright wasn't well liked by some in town because of his involvement in covering up the murders committed by Orlando Harvelle. It was this that forced him to a quiet retirement after 35 years as Chief of Police.

Third ChiefEdit

Carlos Cruz was named the third Chief of Police in 1979. Like Albirght, he was a war hero, who when he returned home joined the police force and was named Detective. When he took over the force he naturally named his partner James Joy his Lieutenant. Cruz remained Chief of Police until his death in 2004 during the shootout at the Desh Gas Station.

Fourth ChiefEdit

Chief Harmony Carerra became the youngest Chief of Police in the history of the town in 2004 at 24. She also became the first female police chief in Shadow Valley. She was named Chief of Police after the deaths of Carlos Cruz, James Joy, and the injury of Elric Amore. She was the most senior officer left on the force, and the obvious choice for the job. She didn't immediately name her lieutenant because the force had been so dwindeld. But she did eventually name Electra Amore her lieutenant.

Current OfficersEdit