Sean Renault
Sean Renault


Sean Renault




Police Captain

Date of Birth

October 21st, 1967

Date of Death

September 22nd, 2012


Penelope Renault


Brandon Renault


Jana Gilbert
Alan Michael Renault

Sean Renault (October 23rd 1967 - September 22nd 2012) was born in Passion Point Flordia to Brandon Renault and Penelope Renault. He has two younger siblings Jana Gilbert and Alan Michael Renault. He grew up in Passion Point and attended North Miami High School. He was friends with Diana Sosa, mother of Seth Sosa. Sean went off to college when he was 18. He attended VCU, it was there he decided to become a Witch Hunter. They asked him to become a cop so that he'd be able to cover up their crimes. So he became a Cop when he was 20 years old. At 25 he was promoted to Detective. He helped kill several Witches, though he never worked with Arcturus. At 32 he was promoted to Sgt. It was then that he was also promoted within the ranks of the witch hunters, being allowed new information he wasn't allowed to have before. At 35 he was promoted again to Lt. A year later he would take Nick Grimm another Witch Hunter under his wings. He'd guide him to bad witches, while taking care of witches who hadn't harmed anyone himself. This was because Nick had qualms about killing anyone who hadn't done anything wrong. But Sean did not. But Sean didn't kill indiscriminantly either, and worked with several witches himself. At age 40 he was finally promoted to Captain. It was then that he was able to move with more discretion about killing Witches. In 2008 he saw an opportunity to send Nick to Indigo Bay, so he jumped at it. He wanted to bring down all the Witches there. In 2012 the Gemini killer started killing several people. This was Nick's chance. And with Ethan Blackwell back in town, his head came with a huge price. But Sean was more interested in the six Crystals. However Nick was unable to get them, and Sean was killed by Cara Leigh.