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Satin Gray

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Satin Gray





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November 5th, 1984


Lace Gray


Julian Gray


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Satin Gray (November 5th, 1984) was born in Cascade Falls Rhode Island to Julian Gray and Lace Gray.  She is the twin sister of Silk Gray.  Satin is two minutes younger than her twin sister.  Growing up she and her twin sister were best friends with Jordan Moore.  Her parents divorced when she was 15 years old.  Her father was the curator of the Cascade Falls Museum.  Silk and her twin sister studied to be nurses, and graduated from nursing school in 2005 at the age of 21.  She worked with Dr. Jonathan Blythe at the clinic along with her sister.  Satin and Silk often took care of Roger Dunkill.  During the Cascade Falls Murders, Satin had no idea her best friend was the killer.  She was saddened by how Jordan felt, and felt bad for her.  After the murders were over, she stayed in Cascade Falls, but continued her partying lifestyle.  


Growing up, Satin and her twin sister were very close.  Her father was the curator of the local museum.  She and her twin sister would often try to pass off as each other.  But as they got older, they had more and more distinguishing features.  They'd do their hair differently, and highlight their hair with different colors, letting more people tellt hem apart.  They became friends with Jordan Moore at the beach one summer, and were two of her only friends.  They would often encourage her to come out with them and have fun.

High SchoolEdit

In High School, Satin did pretty well.  She and her twin sister were both pursued by many boys.  They both liked to party a lot.  When they were 15 years old, their mother and father split because their father was having an affair with Summer Connely.  Their parents shared custody of them, as they went back and forth between Cascade Falls and Providence.  They remained friends with Jordan Moore during this time, though she was 3 years older than them.


Satin went off to college after graduating high school.  She did a lot of partying, but also kept her grades very high.  She graduated from nursing school in 2005.


Satin took a job at the clinic in Cascade Falls working with Dr. Blythe.  She continued her partying lifestyle. 

Cascade Falls MurdersEdit

During the murders, she would often answer investigators questions about the health of patients.  She had no idea that Jordan was the culprit.  Nor did her twin sister.

Later LifeEdit

Silk and Satin would continue partying, and would remember the good times they had with Jordan.  They never saw her as a menace, and tried befriending Lorelei Russell as well.


"Most of the time my sister Silk takes care of Mr. Dunkill when he comes in, so I don't really know much about Jennifer. I've talked to her a couple of times, but she usually just talked about Warwick, and her family."

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