Sasha Turner
Sasha Turner


Sasha Turner





Date of Birth

May 21st, 1986


Kimberly Starr


Joshua Starr


Kiefer Starr
Emily Starr


Erik Turner

Sasha Turner (May 21st, 1986) was born in Iowa to Kimberly Starr and Joshua Starr.  She has two older siblings, Kiefer Starr and Emily Scott.  Her brother was six years older than her, and her sister two years older. When she was only thirteen years old her brother sold her to sex slave traders for $2,000,000.  Sasha was very scared after she was kidnapped.  She was never educated, and has poor grammar as a result of never attending high school.  In 2004, whens he was 18 years old she was purchased by Erik Turner who also married her.  She always hated her husband, knowing that he didn't care about her at all and that he was still selling other girls similar to her.  In 2009 her mother committed suicide after learning that her son sold her baby girl to human traffickers.  A year later her sister murdered their father and brother for what they did.  Sasha has considered killing herself over the years, but has refused because she thinks she might be able to help someone else some day.  She had no friends in Passion Point where she lived with Erik.  She had planned to kill him for five years before the Passion Point Psychopath murders.  Her sister and her husband were both suspects in the murder investigation.  During the murders, her husband was killed by Purple Blade.  

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