Samantha Colt
Samantha Colt


Samantha Colt




Council Member

Date of Birth

July 19th, 1988


Colleen Colt


Clark Colt


May Colt
Corbin Colt (Deceased)

Samantha Jean Colt (June 18th, 1988) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  She was the oldest child of Clark Colt and his wife Colleen. Growing up she was never expected to take over the council -- her brother, 7 years younger than her, was expected to do that. In 2004 her mother was killed, and in 2008 her father had a heart attack leaving nobody to take his place on the council as Corbin was only 15 years old at the time. Samantha was 20 at the time however, so she was given the position until such a time that her brother could. In 2011 her brother was slated to take the spot she had on the council, when he was killed. So Samantha ended up keeping her position on the council. She and her younger sister get along pretty well. Samantha enjoys the simpler things in life such as horseback riding. Samantha is not married, and has no children. 



Colleen Colt -- Mother (Deceased)

Clark Colt -- Father (Deceased)

May Colt -- Sister

Corbin Colt -- Brother (Deceased)


HW Bradshaw -- Council

Roger Dalton -- Council

Simon Rivers -- Council

Edwin Burke -- Council

Veronica White -- Council

Catherine Campbell -- Council


Heather Nichols


  • Who killed her mother?
  • Who killed her brother?


"Why are you so afraid of more women being on the council, Harlan?  Or do you not want your own daughter to take your position when you kick the bucket?"

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