Sam Stanton
Detective Stanton


Sam Stanton




Police Captain

Date of Birth

September 10th, 1970


Hope Stanton (EX)


Myles Nichols
Kay Ventura
Mary Elizabeth Stanton


Eliza Stanton

Sam Stanton (September 10th, 1970) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.  His father was a firefighter, but he always wanted to be a cop. He and Tim Reese were good friends growing up. In high school he dated Avery Nichols, daughter of Mayor Arvis Nichols. They had to keep their relationship secret because her father did not approve of Sam. They had to break up when Avery was forced to marry Liam Silverton. A couple of months later he met Hope Fordham. The two dated, and eventually got married in 1990. In 1993 he was promoted to Detective, and in 1994 Sam and Hope had a daughter together - Kay. Two years later they had a second daughter together - Mary Elizabeth. Hope and Sam had a good relationship until in 2006 it came out that Myles Nichols was his son. But he and his wife tried making it work. The last straw however was when their oldest daughter got pregnant by Vincent Ventura, boyfriend of Hope's niece. Sam was mad at his daughter, but wanted to work things out. His wife ended up leaving him in 2010. It was then that Sam let Vincent to move in with them. Sam has also started talking with his son, Myles, wanting to make up for years he wasn't able to be there. He started seeing Avery in 2011. But he broke up with her last year, and kicked her out of his house. 



Hope Stanton -- Ex-Wife

Myles Nichols -- Son

Kay Ventura -- Daughter

Mary Elizabeth Stanton -- Daughter

Eliza Stanton -- Granddaughter

Heather Nichols -- Daughter-in-Law

Vincent Ventura -- Son-in-Law


Raymond Berkley -- Boss

Susan Peters -- Subordinate

Tim Reese -- Subordinate/Friend

George Lass -- Subordinate

Emma Forester -- Subordinate

Brooklyn Jordan -- Subordinate

Scott Cassidy -- Subordinate

Kat Parks -- Co-Worker


Avery Nichols -- Ex-Girlfriend


No outstanding questions


"You never told me that he was my son!  How could you do that, Avery?  Didn't you think that I had a right to know?"

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