Rose Astrid
Rose Astrid


Rose Astrid





Date of Birth

September 22nd, 1991


Galen Lijecnik

Rose Astrid (September 22nd, 1991) was born in London England.  She grew up in England, but always dreamed of traveling the world.  When she was 19 years old she met Galen Lijecnik who was a rich Croatian Philanthropist.  He offered to let her travel with him, and the two began dating.  They spent time in Germany, France, Italy, all over Europe.  They also traveled to Asia, South America, and Australia.  In 2012, Rose did some digging for Galen into Arcturus.  It was then that Lawrence Bridges began doing experiments on her after catching her snooping around.  He had her thrown into Hannah Witt Hospital, and put under the name Mercy Moins.  She had no idea who she was.  Investigators discovered her, and helped Galen rescue her.  After she was rescued, she gave investigators important information on the experiments that Arcturus had done to her.  Though it took her a long time to get over most of what they did, she did eventually recover with help from Galen.  After the murders were solved, she and Galen went off traveling again.  She never cared where, so long as she was with him.