Roger Dalton
Roger Dalton


Roger Dalton




Council Member

Date of Birth

November 7th, 1948


Grace Dalton (EX)
Judith Dalton (EX)


Phillip Dalton
Priscilla Dalton
Melody Dalton


Judy Dalton

Roger Dalton (November 7th, 1948) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  He was the oldest of two siblings, having a younger sister - June Dalton. Roger graduated from high school in 1966, and then went to get his degree in business. In 1972 he married Grace Dalton, a 20 year old college student. That same year they had a son together -- Phillip Granville Dalton. In 1974 Roger opened up Dalton Bank. In 1977 Roger and Grace had a daughter together -- Priscilla Dalton. His wife left him in 1993, shortly after the birth of their granddaughter. It wasn't much later than he had an affair with his son's wife -- and had another daughter in Melody Dalton. But he and Judith passed Melody off as Phillip's for a while. But once he discovered it, Phillip and Judith got divorced, and Roger married Judith. Their marriage would be short lived however, as after two years the two split up. In 2007 his ex-wife died. A year later Roger decided to step down from Dalton Bank, and hand over the reigns to his son in an attempt of making things right. Roger has since focused his time on the council. Roger can be fairly controlling of his family, and is very unpopular in town. He is also the Uncle of Fancy Bradshaw. 


Grace Dalton -- Ex-Wife

Judith Dalton -- Ex-Wife/Daughter-in-Law

Phillip Dalton -- Son

Priscilla Dalton -- Daughter

Melody Dalton -- Daughter

Judy Dalton -- Granddaughter

June Dalton -- Sister

Fancy Bradshaw -- Niece


HW Bradshaw -- Council

Simon Rivers -- Council

Edwin Burke -- Council

Samantha Colt -- Council

Veronica White -- Council

Catherine Campbell -- Council


No outstanding Questions


"People hate us because we're rich and powerful.  If they were in our same position, they would do the same things we do."

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