Odessa Emerson
Odessa Emerson


Odessa Emerson





Date of Birth

July 8th, 1990


Dalene Emerson


Andrew Emerson


Emma Emerson

Odessa Emerson (July 8th, 1990) was born in Passion Point Florida to Andrew Emerson and Dalene Emerson. She is the older sister of Emma Emerson and the granddaughter of Dallas Emerson. Growing up she was expected to become the Matriarch of the Emerson family. In 2003, when she was 13 years old she was taken by The Magic Man and a black rose was left on the front door of her house. After that her parents both went crazy. Her sister, who was only 9 years old at the time was left to take her place as the next in line to become the Matriarch of the Emerson Family. Odessa is suspected to still be alive.


Growing up her mom and dad used to read to her. Her favorite book was If You Give A Mouse a Cookie. Four years older than her little sister she'd always help her out with her homework. Odessa was very close with both of her parents. She and her mom would often paint each others nails, and go to the movies. Odessa would play soccer with her dad. She did well in school, getting very good grades. She knew that one day she'd be expected to take over as the Emerson Family Matriarch. She didn't mind it too much.


When she was 13 years old, The Magic Man kidnapped her. She was taken from her home, something that disturbed many people in Passion Point, as people thought that the Emersons were untouchable. The day after she disappeared a Black Rose appeared on the Emerson's front door. It was clear that this was the work of the magic man. Odessa was the last kidnapping as of 2012 in Passion Point.

Effect of her disappearance on her familyEdit

Her disappearance greatly affected her family. Though her grandmother was merely saddened by her granddaughters disappearance, her mother and father were both greatly affected. Her mother stopped paying attention to her little sister, and instead thought that Odessa had never gone missing. She also eventually started believing that she herself was Odessa. Her father on the other hand became obsessed with The Magic Man, and never made time for his daughter. Emma resented her sister for being kidnapped, because her parents never paid her any attention.