Michael Andrews
Michael Andrews


Michael Andrews





Date of Birth

February 1st, 1981


Shadow Valley, California

Significant Other

Tiffany Andrews

Michael Andrews (February 1st, 1981) was born in Shadow Valley California. He married Tiffany Andrews in 2003. He works at the Shadow Valley Post Office which was opened in 1998. He began the job in 2001, two years before getting married. Michael was involved in an illicit affair with Sorority Spencer starting in 2008. A fact he felt very guilty about.


Growing up, Michael was best friends with Tiffany Clancy. From first grade on they did everything together. Going trick-or-treating. Homework. They were both often found at each others houses, just spending the days away. Even in middle school the two were great friends. In 1995 Michael started dating Sorority Gleason the head cheerleader much to his best friends dismay. She had always had a crush on him, but he never paid her much attention. She was there when he and Sorority broke up. It wasn't until junior year in 1997 that he decided to ask her out.

Adult LifeEdit

After high school, Michael went to college for two years before taking a job at the Post Office. He delivered everyone in Shadow Valley's mail. Two years later he proposed to Tiffany, and the two got married. The two decided against having kids, as Tiffany wanted to get her foot in the door as a History Teacher. Tiffany and Michael were very happy together until 2008, when Tifffany slipped into a coma. She was there for 6 months before waking up.


While Tiffany was in a coma, Michael began an affair with Mayor Phillip Spencer's wife and his ex-girlfriend Sorority Spencer. When his wife finally woke up, Michael tried to break it off. But things were made more difficult when the Mayor decided to start paying his wife's medical bills. This created rumors that Phillip Spencer was having an affair with Tiffany, when it was Michael having an affair with the Mayor's wife.

Shadow Valley SlayerEdit

Michael's affair came to light during the Shadow Valley Slayer investigation in 2009. He did his best to keep the affair a secret from his wife, but many others learned the truth.

Life after the SlayerEdit

After Lilith Winchester was arrested, Michael admitted the truth to his wife -- and she decided to leave him. But when she discovered she was pregnant, they decided to stay together for the baby whom they named Titus Andrews. Tiffany later strayed from their relationship and had another child by another man. But all things were considered even by Michael, and they named the baby girl Michelle Andrews. Michael promised to raise the baby girl, even though he knew it wasn't his.


"Because I know he's not stalking my wife. He was stalking me." - On Mayor Spencer having photos of his wife