Meredith Sinclaire (April 4th, 1944) was born in Passion Point Florida. The younger sister of Arlen Sinclaire, and Aunt to Carli Radcliff. She worked as an Administrative Assistant. In 1976 at age 32 she was dating Jerry Edwards brother of Harry Edwards. Meredith was well known for her love of flowers. While visiting the Greenhouse at Florina's Flowers she disappeared. The next day a black rose was found on her front door. Nobody knew what it meant at the time. There was no name for the man that would go on to become known as The Magic Man. Police investigated her disappearance for weeks, with no leads. Some suspected that she ran away. But when the second victim, Ben Simmons, was taken a month later with a Black Rose left at his doorstep police knew that fould play was involved. Meredith's pinky toe was found in a crate at Orange Passion Fruit Factory in 2011 during the Passion Point Psychopath investigation. Meredith was then confirmed to be alive -- a surprise to everyone.