Madison Sinclaire
Madison Sinclaire


Madison Sinclaire





Date of Birth

October 9th, 1975


Jana Sinclaire


Daniel Sinclaire

Significant Other

Travis Hale (Separated)
Jason Cunningham


Morgan Sinclaire

Madison Sinclaire (October 9th, 1975) was born in Cascade Falls to Jana Sinclaire and Daniel Sinclaire.  Her grandfather opened Siren's Bar in 1944.  Her father took over the bar the year she was born. In High School she dated Travis Hale. When she was 19 years old Travis proposed to her.  The two planned to run away and get married, but then Madison turned up pregnant.  Travis broke off the engagement, not ready to be a father.  Maidson on the other hand gave birth to Morgan Sinclaire.  When she was 21 years old, her father left, and she had to take over the bar with her daughter being only 2 years old at the time.  Madison was a single mother, who never had much time for a boyfriend.  Madison considered leaving Cascade Falls, but it was the only home that she ever knew.  She and her daughter lived in the bar, unable to afford their own house.  She hated Travis Hale for abandoning her, and she hated her father.  She was however good friends with Melinda Hale, though Melinda continued to try to get her to let Travis take a part in his daughter's life.  Mayor Desmond Strudwick would often hit on her.  Something she absolutely hated.   Madison began dating Jason Sullivan in 2007 shortly after he turned 18.  Madison liked Jason, though she wasn't sure why.  Briana Dunkill however kept coming into the bar, and she had to keep chasing her out.  She had no idea that Briana was looking for her parents, not for Jason.  Madison hated Liam Dunkill because he tried telling her what to do, and even tried buying Siren's Bar.  During the Cascade Falls murders, Madison was a suspect.  She had an alibi thanks to Jason Sullivan as well as Travis Hale.  After the murders were over, she and Jason got married, and she eventually reluctantly let Travis into his daughter's life.  She continued running Siren's Bar with help from Jason, and decided that she liked it there.  Her father never returned home, but she was okay with that.

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