Lindsay Chase
Lindsay Chase


Lindsay Chase





Date of Birth

May 25th, 1977


Jarrett Chase


Bella Berkley

Lindsay Chase (May 25th, 1977) was born in Rising Hope Alabama. She is the younger sister of Bella Berkley. After finishing the third grade, she was advanced to middle school. This made her older sister very jealous. Lindsay was in the same class as Jarrett Chase growing up. But when he went off to law school, she decided to become an English Teacher. She finished college in 1997 and became a teacher at Henry Hitchcock High School at the young age of 20. She was barely older than some of her students. But she was a good teacher. In 2003 Jarrett moved back, and her cousin Lucy Clinton set her up with Jarrett Chase. Three years later the two got married. In 2011 she was asked by Elizabeth Silverton to be Principal at the Silverton School for girls. She accepted the job. Lindsay and Jarrett don't have any children, but she hasn't ruled the option out someday. She and her older sister Bella don't get along very well. 



Jarrett Chase -- Husband

Bella Berkley -- Sister

Cheria Berkley -- Niece

Lucy Clinton -- Cousin

Isla Clinton -- Cousin

Katie McKenna -- Cousin

Fiona McKenna -- Cousin


Elizabeth Silverton -- Boss/Friend

Fancy Bradhsaw -- Subordinate


Danni Martinez


No outstanding questions


"I don't believe any student is dumb.  Some of them are lazy, and some of them have to work harder to get the same results.  But none of them are dumb."

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