Kat Parks
Kat Parks


Kat Parks




Police Dispatcher

Date of Birth

May 14th, 1991


Caitlin Parks

Kat Parks (May 14th, 1991) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.   Like her sister she grew up loving animals. As a child she was somewhat religious, but when her sister came out of the closet, she stopped going to church though she still believes in god. In high school she joined the cheerleading squad. She graduated in2 009, and her parents moved away. She then moved in with Caitlin and took a job with the police department. Kat did not get along with Caitlin's girlfriend at first, but does not. Kat would like to be a cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints. Kat also wants to teach Kindergarten, which is what she's going to school for. She wants to move to Louisiana, though she loves Alabama. Kat likes playing Video games, but mostly just wii sports. Her sister calls her Kitty-Kat sometimes.



Caitlin Parks -- Sister


Raymond Berkely -- Boss

Sam Stanton -- Boss

Susan Peters -- Boss

Tim Reese -- Boss

George Lass -- Co-Worker

Emma Forester -- Co-Worker

Brooklyn Jordan -- Co-Worker

Scott Cassidy -- Co-Worker


Emily Oswald -- Friend

Charity Gottschalk -- Friend

Bailey Hicks -- Friend

Genesis Morisette -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"As a dispatcher, I really have to know the layout ot the town."

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