Judith Dalton
Judith Dalton


Judith Dalton





Date of Birth

October 1st, 1976


Phillip Dalton
Roger Dalton (EX)


Judy Dalton
Melody Dalton

Judith Spaulding Dalton (October 1st, 1976) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.Growing up she was best friends with Mindy Keating. She dated Phillip Dalton in High School, and after they graduated they got married. They had a daughter together in 1995. However she and Phillip drifted apart, and she had an affair with his father. This resulted in a pregnancy, and she managed to pass off Melody as Phillip's daughter. However in 2003 her husband found out the truth, and the two got a divorce. In 2004 she married Roger Dalton. In 2005 she invested in Katie McKenna so that she could open up Lusty Lingerie. In 2006 she and Roger got a divorce. After that she dated David Castle for a while, before learning her daughter had Leukemia. This brought her and Phillip back together, and the two got remarried for the sake of Judy. Judith has always tried to be firm, but fair with both of her daughters. 



Phillip Dalton -- Husband

Judy Dalton -- Daughter

Melody Dalton -- Daughter

Roger Dalton Father-in-Law/Ex-Husband

Priscilla Dalton -- Sister-in-Law


David Castle -- Friend

Alana Katz -- Friend

Marilyn Kirkpatrick -- Friend

Lydia Kerry -- Friend

Veronica White -- Friend


No outstanding questions.


"There's more to the world than money and power.  There's important things, like love."

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