Jarrett Chase
Jarrett Chase


Jarrett Chase




Defense Attorney

Date of Birth

March 31st, 1975


Lindsay Chase

Jarrett Chase (March 31st, 1975) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  He graduated from Henry Hitchcock High School in 1993 and went off to attend Yale where he earned a Law Degree before returning to Rising Hope to open up a Defense Attorney Office. It was then that he opened Clinton-Chase Law Offices with Sean Clinton. Later that year his partner set him up with his wife's cousin, a girl that Jarrett had known in high school. Jarrett and Lindsay dated for three years before getting married. Jarrett has been a fairly successful defense attorney, and has considered politics at one time. He and Lindsay haven't had any kids, but he would like some someday. 



Lindsay Chase -- Wife


Bob Lancaster -- Judge

Sean Clinton -- Friend/Co-Worker

Nikki Abbott -- Opponent

Erin Oswald -- Co-Worker


No outsanding questions


"Your father should have hired me as a defense attorney, Nikki.  He wouldn't have seen a day in prison.  There wasn't enough evidence against him, and your predecessor was crazy for even thinking he belonged in jail.  I respected your father a lot.  I only wish he had come to me for help."

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