Hope Stanton
Hope Stanton


Hope Stanton





Date of Birth

April 29th, 1970


Sam Stanton (Ex)


Kay Ventura
Mary Elizabeth Stanton


Faith Fordham

Hope Stanton (April 29th, 1970) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.   She had a twin sister, Faith. Out of high school, she dated Sam Stanton. In 1994 they had a daughter together -- Kay. Two years later they had another daughter, Mary-Elizabeth. Hope and Sam had a good marriage, but it was driven apart some by Avery Nichols, who she discovered her husband had a son with before Hope had met Sam. But they stuck together, as Sam didn't know about his son. Her twin sister was murdered in 2009. She then took her niece Molly in. Unfortunately Kay and Molly didn't get along, and Hope took Molly's side, while her husband tried to support her decision, but also tried supporting his daughter. The two divorced later that year. She and her daughters don't talk much anymore. Hope spends a lot of her time volunteering at the church. She and Edwin Burke met at a support group for widows and widowers. The two recently started dating, and she moved in with him. She and Emmaline get along very well. 



Sam Stanton -- Ex-Husband

Kay Ventura -- Daughter

Mary Elizabeth Stanton -- Daughter

Eliza Ventura -- Granddaughter

Faith Fordham -- Twin Sister (Deceased)

Molly Goodwell -- Niece


Edwin Burke -- Boyfriend

Maureen Reese -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"Just becuase you got a girl pregnant when you were eighteen, doesn't mean you should be so forgiving of our daughter who stole her poor cousin's boyfriend!"

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