Heather Nichols
Heather Nichols


Heather Nichols




Grocery Clerk

Date of Birth

February 22nd, 1988


Betty Shannon


Brandon Shannon


Myles Nichols


Ashley Shannon
Holly Shannon

She was the middle of the Shannon sisters, with Holly being her younger sister, and Ashley Shannon being her older sister. Her family was in heavy debt due to their ancestors, which meant that her family was fairly poor. She dated Myles Nichols (Silverton at the time) though many people thought she was dating himf or his money. In that same year, her father committed suicide, not being able to handle the debt his family had. Myles and Heather were voted best couple, and prom queen and king in their senior year. Heather took a job at Castle Food N' Drug after graduating. It was then that Myles was discovered to not be a Silverton. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and her older sister helped to take care of her. In 2010 Heather and Myles got married, and moved into their own place. Heather's mother died in 2009. It was then her sisters took jobs at The Midnight Lounge to pay off their debt. Heather feels bad for not contributing more, but wants to live her own life as well -- and feels they should be fighting the debt instead of paying it.



Myles Nichols -- Husband

Brandon Shannon -- Father

Betty Shannon -- Mother

Ashley Shannon -- Sister

Holly Shannon -- Sister

Sam Stanton -- Fahter-in-Law

Avery Nichols -- Mother-in-Law

Kay Ventura -- Sister-in-Law

Mary Elizabeth Stanton -- Sister-in-Law


David Castle -- Boss

Anissa Gifford -- Boss

Keith Brooke -- Co-Worker

Leila Gifford -- Co-Worker


Samantha Colt -- Friend

Karen French -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"My sisters are obsessed with paying off this debt -- not me.  They can do what they want."

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