HW Bradshaw
H.W. Bradshaw


Harlan Walker Bradshaw




Council Member / Ceo of BIO

Date of Birth

April 26th, 1937


June Dalton (Divorced)
Debbie Bradshaw (Divorced)<br / Lindsey Bradshaw (Divorced)
Ashleigh Valley (Divorced)
Vivian Bradshaw (Divorced)
Randi Bradshaw


Fancy Bradshaw


Edna Bradshaw
Andrea Bradshaw

Harlan Walker Bradshaw (April 26th, 1937) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  His family was one of the seven founders of Rising Hope, and as such he is a member of the Town Council. He is also the CEO of Bradshaw Industries Oil (BIO). In 1976 he married June Dalton, sister to Roger Dalton. In 1978 they had a daughter together - Fancy Bradshaw. But their marriage did not last -- after eleven years, they got divorced in 1987. Two years later H.W. married a 26 year old model named Debbie. They got divorced in 1992 however. In 1993 he married a Hooters waitress named Lindsey. In 1998 he and his third wife split up. It wasn't even a year later that he married his daughter's best friend, Ashleigh Valley. This drove he and his daughter apart, and the marriage only lasted 7 years. In 2008 he married his fifth wife -- Vivian, a nurse that his daughter hired to take care of her. That was his shortest marriage of just 2 years. In 2011 he met Randi Bracewell, who he married months after meeting her. H.W. is very well off, and enjoys the fine things in life. He cares very much about his daughter, and the town. 



Randi Bradshaw -- Wife

Fancy Bradshaw -- Daughter

Phillip Dalton -- Nephew (by former marriage)

Priscilla Dalton -- Niece (by former marriage)

Melody Dalton -- Niece (by former marriage)

Council MembersEdit

Roger Dalton -- Council 

Edwin Burke -- Council

Simon Rivers -- Council

Samantha Colt -- Council

Veronica White -- Council

Catherine Campbell -- Council


Hector Teles

Robert McAnally


No outstanding questions


"BIO Is currently looking into renewable energy sources.  But until it's feasible that everyone runs on a new source of energy, we will continue to provide fuel for the hard working Americans in this country."

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