Graham Ness
Graham Ness


Graham Ness





Date of Birth

June 19th, 1976


Betty Ness


JD Ness


Bianca Ness

Graham Ness (June 17th, 1976) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.  His mother was mentally unstable, and he had a mental condition as well. He was also very intelligent. He and Alana Katz were best friends growing up. He was always interested in her, but she was never into him. He graduated as Valedictorian of the class of 1994. It was then that he started seeing Dr. Anders Katz about his mental issues. In 1996 his father was killed. It was then that he had to take care of his mother and sister by himself. Dr. Katz then married his best friend, which made Graham consider stopping seeing him. In 1998 he got a psychology degree and began teaching criminal psychology at Aubrun. In 2000 his mother died. In 2004 the FBI started calling on himf ro help with profiling. By then his sister had finished high school. In 2007 she got a job as a bank teller so taht she could support both of them -- though Graham made good money, he still had mental issues. Graham is very paranoid, and anti-social. He's not very good with people. But he has eight pet dogs. 



JD Ness -- Father (Deceased)

Betty Ness -- Mother (Deceased)

Bianca Ness -- Sister


Alana Katz -- Friend

Ella Katz -- Friend

Anders Katz -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"I don't... like people very much.  I prefer dogs. Dogs are loyal by nature.  As long as you feed them, they'll love you.  It's not.. the... same with people.  But don't worry.  I'm not going to become a serial killer or anything!  The odds are against it.  Most serial killers are born in November... and besides there's one difference between me and them -- I know I'm crazy.  And I can handle that."

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