Glenn Moore (September 15th, 1957 - December 2nd, 1998) was born in Cascade Falls Rhode Island. Growing up he was always a major trouble maker. He got into trouble with the law on several occassions. In 1975 he trained to become a Sweeper under Joseph Bell. But Bell said that he was too much trouble and denied his application to be a Sweeper. He then took a job as a Head Hunter in Cascade Falls. Finding people suitable for jobs. In was in 1981 that he'd get into real trouble. He raped Kirsten Bystrom. This got him into real trouble with the law. But Magnius Gilchrist offered to pay his legal expenses in exchange for information about Sweepers. Glenn married Kirsten, and raised their daughter Jordan Moore, but he couldn't look at his daughter because of his crime. Glenn had a lot of anger built up from his childhood. Glenn kept himself busy with work. In 1997, Magnius approached him with a proposition to start the Cascade Falls Sweepers. Glenn, owing Magnius, agreed to it. He, Hayden Durham and Sapphire Evans formed the Sweepers of Cascade Falls. His training as a Sweeper came in handy, though his fellow swepeers did not trust him. Glenn spent most of his waking hours sweeping, and gathering information. He knew Mr. Gilchrist didn't entirely trust him. A year later his wife committed suicide in front of their daughter. Glenn could hardly believe it. Afraid he was going to jail he disposed of her body, and then left town and committed suicide himself three days later.