George Lass
Detective Lass


George Lass





Date of Birth

July 7th, 1970


Marjorie Lass (EX)


Georgina Lass


Madison Lass

George Lass (July 7th, 1970) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  His father was a police officer. Growing up George had trouble making friends, and was considered by many to be a 'snitch'. When he was 14 years old he got a little sister - Madison Lass. But by the time she was 4, George finished high school and had joined the police force. George wanted his little sister to be a cop when she grew up. They'd play Cops and Robbers when she was little, but neither of them would be robbers because George refused to be a robber and felt that teaching her to be a robber would make her a criminal. In 1990 he married his long time girlfriend, Marjorie. In 1993 he and his wife had a daughter together - Georgina Lass. While he spent a lot of time with his daughter, his wife spent a lot of his money. In 2002 his father retired from the police force, which left him as the only Lass on the force. But his sister graduated from high school, so he hoped she'd join him on the force - but instead she went off to study broadcast journalism. In 2004 George and Marjorie divorced, and shared custody of their daughter. When Georgina was 14, she was diagnosed with Multiple Personality disorder. It was then that George and his ex-wife agreed Georgina needed stability, so she agreed to let her stay with George. He is pro-government and pro-guns. His sister recently moved back to town to live with him for a while. 



Marjorie Lass -- Ex-Wife

Georgina Lass -- Daughter

Madison Lass - Sister


Raymond Berkley -- Boss

Sam Stanton -- Boss

Susan Peters -- Boss

Tim Reese -- Boss

Emma Forester -- Parnter

Brooklyn Jordan -- Co-Worker

Scott Cassidy -- Co-Worker

Kat Parks -- Co-Worker


No outstanding questions


"It's every man's god given right to have a gun.  But if they shoot someone, then I will exercise my god given right to shoot them."

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