Gabriella Shields
Gabriella Shields


Gabriella Shields





Date of Birth

May 9th, 1996


Celine Shields


Jude Shields


Bella Blankenship

Gabriella Shields (May 9th, 1996) was born in Passion Point Florida to Jude Shields and [{Celine Shields]].  She and her half-sister Bella Blankenship were born on the same day.  Growing up she was a bit of a wild child, and still is.  She cares about both of her parents however.  She was good friends with Shauna Gilbert before her death.  She is also friends with Hailey Page and Kylie Rayne.  She and her half-sister have always gotten along.  She loves to party, and wants to pose for Sorority Magazine when she turns 18.  She doesn't like her father's job as CEO of a delivery company.  During the Passion Point Psychopath Murders, her half-sister's mother, Kristen Blankenship was a suspect.  Her mother was also a person of interest due to her family being involved in Witchcraft.   When she turned 18 she posed in Sorority, and worked as a model as she put herself through Bartending School.  She would eventually join her mother at The Pink Bunny Bar.


Growing up, Gabriella spent most of her time drawing, and hanging out with her half-sister who also lived with her.  Gabriella loved drawing even at a young age.  She was very good at it, and continued taking courses in middle school.  Her skill at art was encouraged by both of her parents, as well as her 'Aunt'.  Gabriella loved hanging out with her friends, though usually not in large groups.  

High SchoolEdit

In High School, Gabriella took Art classes.  She did fairly well in most subjects, though she struggled in some.  She never dated in High School, but many guys in her classes were interested in her.  She always wanted to pose for Sorority Magazine when she was old enough.  Mostly because her mother had posed in it.  Gabriella was a cheerleader her freshman year, but gave it up in 10th grade to play Volleyball instead.  She wasn't good at it, but she enjoyed playing.

Freshman Year % Grade
English 9 84% B
Algebra I 78% C+
Earth Science 86% B
World History I 80% B-
Gym 98% A+
Art I 98% A+
Spanish I 88% B+
Sophomore YEar % Grade
English 10 86% B
Algebra II 74% C
Biology 88% B+
World History II 78% C+
Gym 98% A+
Art II 98% A+
Spanish II 84% B

Passion Point Psychopath MurdersEdit

During the Passion Point Psychopath Murders her half-sisters mother was a suspect.  As such she was questioned about her father's relationship.  Her father's cousin, Terry Neil was also the Second Magic Man.  He kidnapped several people.  Her mother was also into Witchcraft, and a descendant of Circe Heart.

Later LifeEdit

When she turned 18, she posed for Sorority Magazine a few times, while putting herself through bartending school.  She eventually took a job with her mom at the Pink Bunny.  She married Jeremy Bennett and had two children with him Jack Bennett and Diane Bennett.


"Very weird. I don't really like him. As mean as it is to say." - On her dad's cousin, Terry Neil

"He's pretty cool. For an old guy, that is. We get along pretty well." - On her father