Erin Oswald
Erin Oswald


Erin Oswald





Date of Birth

January 25th, 1989

Significant Other

Caitlin Parks

Erin Oswald (January 25th, 1989) was born in London, England.  She grew up around computers, and by the time she was 14 she was able to type 60 words per minute. By the time she finished high school, she was typing 110 words per minute. She moved to Rising Hope Alabama after high school, wanting to see more of the world. She applied to college there, and tried making friends. But found it difficult. She also wasn't able to find much of a lesbian community. In 2010 she started dating Caitlin Parks. She also took a job at the court, as she can now type 120 words per minute. She also has an impeccable memory. Erin and Kat did not get along at first -- but now they do. She faces discrimination for her sexual orientation, however when people tell her she's not allowed there, she asks if they don't like English people. She's a big fan of Soccer and Dr. Who. She wants to go back to England, but has grown to like it in Alabama. 



Bob Lancaster -- Boss

Jarrett Chase -- Co-Worker

Sean Clinton -- Co-Worker

Nikki Abbott -- Co-Worker


Caitlin Parks -- Girlfriend

Kat parks -- Friend

Kennedy Berkley -- Friend

Naomi Winstead -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"You're saying I can't come in?  Why not?  Don't like English girls do ya?  Well that's just nationlist!"

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