Erika Masters
Erika Masters


Erika Masters




Sweeper Leader

Date of Birth

September 29th, 1983


Catherine Dempsey


Phillip Bell


Gillian Cooper (Adopted)

Erika Masters (September 29th, 1983) was born in Louisiana.  She is the foster sister of Gillian Cooper and cousin to Denver Dempsey. Growing up she watned to be a sweeper just like her father. She started training under her father when she was just 7 years old. Unfortunately her father transfered back to Florida when she was 8. Her mother retained custody of her, but her grandfather came to Louisiana to teach her more. Her grandfather died when she was 11 years old, and she was unable to attend his funeral. She took lessons from the sweeper leader in Louisiana. Her father died when she was 15, and was unable to attend his funeral as well. In 2003 she achieved her dream of being a sweeper. In 2005 she married her fellow sweeper, Barry Masters. A year later she was assigned to be the new sweeper leader of Rising hope by Marisol Devlin herself. But the sweepers had dwindled in Rising Hope, so ti was her job to rebuild them. She has on occasion reported directly to Marisol Devlin. Erika is capable of reading lips, and knows sign language, spanish, and french. 



Phillip Bell -- Father (Deceased)

Catherine Dempsey -- Mother

Barry Masters -- Husband

Gillian Cooper -- Adopted Sister

Denver Dempsey -- Cousin

Joseph Bell -- Grandfather (Deceased)


Marisol Devlin -- Boss

Vincent Ventura -- Subordinate

Tricia Lewis -- Subordinate

Kristin Lewis -- Subordinate


  • Who else does she work for?


"I'm not just a sweeper.  I'm their leader.  And I'm their leader for a reason.  And it's not because my father had ties to Lady Devlin."

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