Eric Renard
Eric Renard


Eric Renard




CEO of King Modeling Agency

Date of Birth

March 14th, 1968

Significant Other

Ada Schwan

Eric Renard (March 14th, 1968) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.  His Great Great Grandfather made a lot of money raising Tobacco. Eric spent most of his childhood traveling throughout Europe. He attended a private school in England, and attended Oxford. When he was 22 years old his father sold Renard Tobacco for $110,000,000. Eric spent a few years in France before returning to Rising Hope to open up King Model Management. In 2002 he met Ada Schwan, and the two started dating. The two have now been dating for 11 years. But Eric does not want to get married. Eric hates being told no, and is not well liked in town. 



Ada Schwan -- Subordinate/Girlfriend

Randi Bradshaw -- Subordinate

Darla Lancaster -- Subordinate

Lucy Clinton -- Subordinate

Bella Berkley -- Subordinate

Becky Hicks -- Subordinate

Brandi Oakes -- Subordiante

Madison Lass -- Subordinate


No outstanding questions


"As long as you've got the money, you can buy pretty much... anything."

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