Envy Joy
Envy Joy


Envy Joy





Date of Birth

July 26th, 1988


Eve Joy


Grant Joy

Significant Other

Harmony Carerra


Ecstacy Joy
Ember Joy

Envy Joy (July 26th, 1988) was born in Shadow Valley California to Grant Joy and Eve Joy. She is the niece of James Joy. The oldest of three sisters, she is dating the Chief of Police Harmony Carerra. Her father committed suicide when she was 12 years old. Her Uncle helped out her family until his death in 2004. When she turned 18 in order to help her mother with overwhelming bills she took a job as a stripper.


Envy Joy was the oldest of three girls. Growing up she always helped take care of her little sisters. She looked up to her father and uncle a lot. Ecstacy Joy was her middle sister, and Ember Joy was her baby sister. She'd often let them try on her clothes. Being the oldest of three sisters, she took on a lot more responsibility than the others. She helped her mom with the cooking and cleaning. But she also liked having a lot of fun. She played Soccer, and then later volleyball when she got into middle school.

Father's deathEdit

At 12 years old, her father committed suicide. After that she became very depressed for three months. She'd barely come out of her room or eat. She was always disturbed by what her father had done. She didn't really understand why he'd do it. But she got past it before she turned 13. Her uncle helped her family out with the bills as she started high school.

Uncle's DeathEdit

In 2004 her Uncle Grant was killed at the Desh Gas Station shootout. After her uncle's death her mom struggled even more to pay the bills. Envy tried getting a job, but nobody would hire her. Her grades in school dropped, and she wasn't able to apply to college. But they wouldn't have been able to afford it anyway.

Working at the StripclubEdit

When she turned 18, Envy got a job at the Valley Girl's Strip Club in order to help her mom pay the bills. She took the job because it was the only one that she could get. But she didn't mind it. At the club she met Harmony Carerra, and the two began dating.

Shadow Valley SlayerEdit

During the killing spree of the Shadow Valley Slayer Envy discovered that her father had killed himself for the work that he had done for Roman Nicolescu. He had kidnapped several children in town for him, and he couldn't live with himself. It was all to help Roman discover the identity of his child Lilith Winchester. It was that very child that would become the Shadow Valley Slayer. It was also during the case that her relationship with Harmony Carera came out.

Life after the SlayerEdit

After the arrest of the Shadow Valley Slayer, Envy moved in with Harmony. Later in life she would be artificially inseminated and would give birth to Kendall Carerra.