Elwood Amore
Elwood Amore


Elwood Amore





Date of Birth

April 14th, 1989


Elric Amore


Elle Amore


Electra Amore

Significant Other

Lace Silk

Elwood Amore (April 14th, 1989) was born in Shadow Valley California to Elric Amore and Elle Amore. He has one older sister Electra Amore. He attended Nursing School, and took a job at a Hospital in 2010. Shortly after he married Lace Silk.


Growing up Elwood often played Cops and Robbers with his sister. She always made him be the robbers, and he would often quit before he was captured because he didn't like being the robber. He was always closer to his mother than his father, because his fafther was closer to his sister. He always wanted to be a Nurse.

Mother's DeathEdit

In 2004 his mother died of cancer. Elwood was a sophomore in high school at the time. He was very upset by his mother's passing. He missed two weeks of school after his mom's death. The next semester he decided to take up playing Wide Receiver at the JV level in order to get closer to his father. But he was never able to start.

Nursing SchoolEdit

Elwood applied to nursing school in 2007. He started school in September of that year. While attending school, he took a job at Cafe DeBrook. It was there that he met Cyan Lynn. He often hit on her, but she often turned him down. But the two got along.

Shadow Valley SlayerEdit

In 2009, the Shadow Valley Slayer killed Elwood's father. He was fairly depressed after losing his other parent. He assisted his sister in the investigation in whatever way he could, which mostly consisted of helping to patrol the streets.

Life after the SlayerEdit

After the arrest of Lilith Winchester Elwood began dating Lace Silk. He graduated from nursing school, and took a job at a local hospital. He and Lace got married in 2011. The two are planning on having their first child.


"He was a great cop. Could've been chief of police if he weren't injured during the gas station shoot out." - on his father