Elric Amore


Elric Amore




Retired Detective

Date of Birth

February 5th, 1949

Date of Death

May 3rd, 2009


Shadow Valley, California

Significant Other

Elle Amore


Electra Amore
Elwood Amore

Elric Amore (February 5 1949 - May 3, 2009) was born in Shadow Valley California. In 1973 he joined the Shadow Valley Police Department. Before he was promoted to Detective, he married the love of his life -- Elle Amore. Elric was a highly decorated officer who was forced to retire due to injury. He was partners with now Chief of Police Harmony Kendall.

Early LifeEdit

Elric Amore was born in Shadow Valley. In High School he was Quarterback for his High School Team. He never lead them to a championship, but he managed to play well enough to earn an athletic scholarship. But Elric wanted to join the police force. So after two years of college, he attended the academy and joined the Shadow Valley Police Department.

Police ForceEdit

In 1976 he joined the police department, and in 1978 he was promoted to Detective. He had a number of partners over the years, but never a permanant one until 1999 when Harmony Carerra joined the Police Department. He taught Harmony everything he knew, and the two worked very well together. Two years later his daughter, Electra Amore joined the force. Something he was very happy about.

Early RetirementEdit

In 2004, the unthinkable happened. There was a robbery at Desh Gas Station, and all units were called to the scene. Chief Carlos Cruz and Lt. James Joy were killed. He received a shot to the leg. He ordered his daughter to call for an Ambulance. His partner, Harmony, was able to take out both of the shooters. At the hospital, he was told that he'd be able to walk again, but that he wasn't fit for action. So he decided to retire, leaving Harmony Carerra to become the next Chief of Police. A fact he was happy about.


Elric Amore married Elle Amore in 1976. They were married 28 years before Elle died of Cancer in 2004. They had two children -- a daughter (Electra Amore) and a son (Elwood Amore) His daughter joined the police force, following in his footsteps, while his son worked at Cafe DeBrook.


On the morning of May 3rd, 2009 Elric Amore was found murdered by the Shadow Valley Slayer. He was 60 years old.


"She's doing a great job." - In reference to the job Harmony Carrera is doing as Chief of Police