Elizabeth Silverton
Elizabeth Silverton


Elizabeth Silverton





Date of Birth

January 19th, 1981


Analise Silverton


Liam Silverton


Buffy Silverton
Myles Nichols (Step-Brother)

Elizabeth Silverton (January 19th, 1981) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.   When she was just 6 years old her mother died when she drove off a cliff. She owns three horses -- Midnight Storm, Whisper, and Magic. She's always loved animals, because they helped her cope with the death of her mother. A year after her mother's death, her father got remarried, and she had a new younger brother - Myles. When she was 8 years old her father was elected Mayor of Rising Hope. A year after that the Silverton School for Girls was built in memory of her mother. Elizabeth cut the ribbon on the opening ceremony for that. Growing up she was close to her siblings. But she never liked her step mother. When she found out Myles wasn't her half-brother, she was hurt. But she still considered him her brother. In 2007 she opened up the Rising Hope Animal HOspital. In 2009 she met Detective Scott Cassidy, and the two started dating. She now has five horses, the original three she had as well as two new ones: Butterfly and Moonsparkle. She and Scott live together now, and are thinking about marriage. 



Liam Silverton -- Father

Analise Silverton -- Mother (Deceased)

Buffy Silverton -- Sister

Myles Nichols -- Step-Brother


Caitlin Parks -- Subordinate

Victoria Brooke -- Subordinate


Scott Cassidy -- Boyfriend

Veronica White -- Friend

Felicity Quartermaine -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"Animals are a great comfort to anyone who's lost a loved one.  They don't understand why you are sad, but they know that you are.  And they want to comfort you.  I find that so adorable."

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