Eli Elkins
Eli Elkins


Eli Elkins





Date of Birth

January 28th, 1935


Karen Elkins (deceased)


Evan Elkins (Deceased)
Kelsey Elkins


Viki Elkins
Temperance Elkins
Dara Elkins

Eli Elkins was born in 1935 to Tanner and Cindy Elkins. His family was considered fairly weird by th eother citizens of Rising Hope. In 1956 he married Karen Stanton. In 1967 they had their first child -- a son, Evan. Then in 1975 they had a daughter, Kelsey. Eli worked selling hunting supplies. His shop wasn't very successful, but it paid the bills. Eli became a grandfather in 1987 at the age of 52. By then he had closed up shop, and mostly kept to himself. In 1989 his 14 year old daughter got pregnant, and gave birth to Temperance Elkins. His daughter hardly ever paid attention to her own daughter, so it was up to Eli and Karen to raise her. In 1994 he had another granddaughter -- Dara Elkins. In 2000 Dara and Viki's parents died in a car accident. Eli and his wife then took all the girls in. In 2007 Eli's wife died at the age of 72 of natural causes. People in town consider him creepy and a crazy old coot. 


Temperance Elkins -- Granddaughter

Viki Elkins -- Granddaughter

Dara Elkins -- Granddaughter


No outstanding Questions


"I'm an old man.  I think I've earned the right to my privacy.  Don't you?"

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