Diane Grant
Diane Grant


Diane Grant




Charity Chariman

Date of Birth

January 28th, 1964


Mallory Nichols


Arvis Nichols


Cole Grant (Deceased)


Gavin Grant


Avery Nichols

Diane Nichols Grant (January 28th, 1964) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.  She is the older sister of Avery Nichols by 6 years, and is the Aunt of Myles Nichols. When she was just a year old her father was elected Mayor of Rising Hope. He was mayor until she was 19 years old. After graduating from high school she started dating Cole Grant. He was the grandson of the former chief of police. She and Cole got married in 1988. The two opened The Grant Charity House in 1990 to help those who need money. Diane was named Chariwoman of the charity house, and turned it into one of the biggest charities in the state. She is good friends with Maureen Reese and Megan Cranston. In 1995 she and Cole had a son together -- Gavin Grant. She absolutely dotes on her son, and thinks very highly of him. In 2012 her husband died in a housefire. The town considered it a major loss, and it took her a while to get over it. She allowed her sister-in-law to come and live with them shortly after that, though she did not approve of it she realized that he might need someone else to talk to. 



Cole Grant -- Husband (Deceased)

Gavin Grant -- Son

Arvis Nichols -- Father

Mallory Nichols -- Mother

Avery Nichols -- Sister

Myles Nichols -- Nephew


Maureen Reese -- Co-Worker/Friend

Megan Cranston -- Co-Worker/Friend

Paige Paisley -- Co-Worker


Felicity Quartermaine -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"I have a lot of powerful friends, too.  You aren't the only one who knows how to brown nose the council, Lisa."

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