Destiny Price
Destiny Price


Destiny Price




Trophy Wife

Date of Birth

December 16th, 1986

Date of Death

March 30th, 2009


Leanne Michaels


Randall Michaels

Significant Other

John Price


Blaze Price

Destiny Michaels Price (December 16th, 1986 - March 30th, 2009) was born in Shadow Valley California to Leanne Michaels and her husband \Randall Michaels.  Destiny's mother was a model, and her father was a photographer, though neither were very successful.  Destiny was good friends growing up with Yuri Sinnason and Cherry Evans.  Her parents never had much money.  Destiny always dreamed of marrying someone rich, and successful.  She wanted the easy life, rather than to put much work into it.  When she was 12 years old she was kidnapped along with 15 other children by Grant Joy.  Roman Nicolescu ran tests on her to see if she was his daughter, but she wasn't.  Destiny was held for three days.  Destiny slacked off in high school, but still managed to graduate with a decent GPA.  She could have went off to college, but chose not to.  Instead she became the fourth wife of John Price in 2005 at the age of 18.  John fell in love with her because she was very attractive, and he had to have her. She managed to seduce him, and convince him to marry her.  Her best friend Cherry on the other hand married Terrance Evans.  Destiny cared about her husband, but never loved him.  She couldn't wait for him to die, and inherit all of his money.  In 2008, she and her husband had a son together, Blaze.  It was around that time her husband began cheating on her with Lilith Winchester.  Destiny hired a private investigator to follow her husband, and learned of the affair.  She planned on using it to get him to leave her everything.  Destiny confided in Traci Evans as well as Cherry.  Destiny was murdered by Lilith on March 30th along with her husband.  Her son would later be raised by her would-be stepdaughter, Sapphire Rose.  Destiny was murdered in order to force her child to grow up without his mother, just as Lilith had grown up without her mother.  Destiny did care about her son very much, and wanted him to take over Price-K Cosmetics someday.  

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