Clay Floyd
Clay Floyd


Clay Floyd




Owner of Millennium

Date of Birth

April 20th, 1975


Cameron Floyd

Clay Floyd (April 20th, 1975) was born in Rising Hope Alabama. His father made a fortune by suing his employer for discrimination. Because of that however, Floyd was unpopular in Rising Hope until he was 12 years old. However he overcame it, and in 1994 was voted the first black prom king at Henry Hitchcock High School. He played Runningback for the Hitchcock Hydras. Clay attended LSU and played football there. He made the practice squad of the New Orlean's Saints in 1998, but was cut after one year. He then returned to Rising Hope in 1999, though his parents had already left for Missouri. On January 1st, 2000 he opened up a nightclub called Millennium. The club has a lenient dress code, and has a lot of alcohol and dancers. In 2005 he started dating Cameron Lee, whow orked at Double D's. After dating for three years, the two got married. Clay is fairly well liked in town now. 



Cameron Floyd -- Wife


Shane Anderson -- Subordinate

Preston Holt -- Subordinate


Randi Bradshaw -- Friend

Frederika Wolf -- Friend

Emma Forester -- Friend


No outstanding questions.


"I may not have made it in the NFL, but hey -- at least I tried.  I'm satisfied with that."

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