Claude Hyde
Claude Hyde


Claude Hyde





Date of Birth

May 16th, 1987

Date of Death

September 22nd, 2012


Esther Hyde


Raphael Hyde


Mitt Hyde
Elijah Hyde
Rebekah Hyde

Claude Hyde (May 16th, 1987 - September 22nd, 2012) was born in Indigo Bay Virginia to Esther Hyde and Raphael Hyde.  He was the youngest of three brothers.  Growing up he was always obsessed with opening the Vault on Shutter Mountain.  He knew that Katrina Pierce was the key to opening it, and knew he'd have to kill her to open it.  He took to stalking her when he was 16.  But his father and oldest brother, Mitt Hyde found out and tried to stop him.  In 2005 he killed his father and oldest brother becuase they tried to stop him.  He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison for their murders.  In 2012 he was released, and continued stalking Katrina, trying to figure out just how to open the Vault.  He was so obsessed with it, he even got his little sister, Rebekah Hyde to help him.  He was eventually killed by Gemini because of his obsession and willingness to kill Katrina.  His older brother Elijah Hyde worked against him without him knowing about it.  


Growing up, his father and oldest brother made it their goal in life to make sure that nobody opened up the vault on Shutter Mountain.  This got Claude curious and made him obsessed with opening it.  He overheard that Katrina was the key.  It was around that time he took an obsession with Katrina.  He killed his father and oldest brother when he was only 18 years old.  He was easily convicted for the murders, and sentenced to Life in Prison.


During the Trial, Claude told his sister if she lied for him on the stand that he'd take her to Disney World.  Though she did her part, he never tried to do his part.  He had a continued interest in Katrina throughout the trial.  He was found guilty after his trial lasted 4 months.  


Claude spent 7 years in prison before being released by Arcturus.  He spent his time plotting with Elijah on how to get into the Vault.  He also wrote Katrina many letters when she turned 15.  A fact that creeped her out enough to get a restraining order against him.  


In 2012 Arcturus arranged his release.  He continued stalking Katrina when he got out, and continued to ignore his little sister.  A fact that bothered her very much.  But Claude only had eyes for the Vault.  He planned to kill Katrina on the 21st so that he could open up the Vault, but was killed before he got the chance.


On September 22nd, his body was found by investigators.  He was murdered by Gemini AKA Cara Leigh.  He was murdered due to his interest in the Vault on Shutter Mountain and interest in killing someone for nothing