Carmella Brooks
Carmella Brooks


Carmella Brooks




Owner of Cafe DeBrook

Date of Birth

March 13th, 1981




Caprice Brooks

Significant Other

Peter Gauvin

Carmella Brooks was born and raised in Texas along with her sister Caprice Brooks. She opened up Cafe DeBrook in 2003. She moved to Shadow Valley because she had family there, and because she wanted to go to California to go to college. She lived in Shadow Valley during the horrific slayings in 2009.


Carmella Brooks was raised by her parents in Texas. Growing up she always wanted to be a cowgirl, and was very much into westerns. She and her sister Caprice were always very close. The two of them shared a lot of things, including clothes and jewelry. Though Carmella was five years older than her sister, they got along very well.


Carmella went off to college in Shadow Valley in 1999. She studied business, intending to open up her own Cafe. She managed to get very good grades, and graduated from college in 2003. She was the top of her class. Carmella decided to stay in Shadow Valley after college, and invited her sister to come and live with her.

Cafe DeBrookEdit

Carmella opened up Cafe DeBrook in 2003. It sold books, coffe, and various other things. She only hired two members to the waitstaff -- Cyan Lynn and Elwood Amore. Cyan Lynn was always taking off from work, but Carmella let her do it because she loved her cookies. Cyan quit the Cafe after the murders in 2009. Cyan still returns from time to time to help out with the Cafe. Today, the Cafe has more employees than before.


Caprice BrooksEdit

Caprice Brooks is Carmella's sister. The two got along well when they were young. Carmella invited Caprice to come and live with her after she opened her cafe. But after the Shadow Valley Slayer was caught, Caprice joined The White Nile Cult. After this, she and her sister never spoke again.

Charity DeverauxEdit

Charity Deveraux is Carmella's Aunt. She was married to Deacon Deveraux. She's the reason Carmella moved to Shadow Valley in the first place. She went crazy after her husbands death, and ressurected her grandfathers old cult -- White Nile. She took Caprice with her. Carmella never forgave her aunt for taking her sister away.

Peter GauvinEdit

Peter Gauvin and Carmella started dating after the murders. He helps her run the Cafe, though he is unable to fill the void of having her sister with her. Peter and Carmella are very happy together.