Cameron Floyd
Cameron Floyd


Cameron Floyd





Date of Birth

December 22nd, 1984


Clay Floyd

Cameron Floyd (December 22nd, 1984) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  Her father committed suicide when she was just 9 years old. After that, her family struggled, but the community did try to pitch in and help. At least until her mother was discovered to be doing drugs -- at which point they stopped caring about the 13 year old Cameron. She started to Henry Hitchcock High School in 1998 and graduated with the class of 2002. That same year her mother died of a drug overdose, leaving Cameron to fend for herself. SHe took a job at Double D's to try and make some money to support herself. In 2005 she started dating Clay Floyd, and in 2008 she married him. Cameron still works at Double D's. She is good friends with Randi Bracewell, one of the few people in town who does like her. Cameron can be fairly ditzy.



Clay Floyd -- Husband


Gus Vance -- Boss

Tiffany Vance -- Co-Worker

Cheria Berkley -- Co-Worker

Eve Tennant -- Co-Worker

Leonora French -- Co-Worker

Tricia Lewis -- Co-Worker


Randi Bracewell -- Friend

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