Caitlin Parks
Caitlin Parks


Caitlin Parks




Veterinarian Assistant

Date of Birth

July 28th, 1989

Significant Other

Erin Oswald


Kat Parks

Caitlin Parks (July 28th, 1989) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.  She has one younger sister, Kat. Her parents ran a farm in Rising Hope. She grew up close to animals and loved working with them. She always wanted to be a Vet someday. She did well in high school, and started college in 2008. She got her own place, and when her younger sister turned 18 their parents left Alabama, and her younger sister moved in with her. But her parents kept their property so Caitlin could continue to raise her cows and horses. Caitlin took a job as a veterinarian assistant in 2010 with Elizabeth Silverton. That same year she met Erin Oswald, and the two began dating and moved in together. The three live together fairly happily, though Caitlin hopes her younger sister leaves someday. Erin has tried convincing her to leave for England, but Caitlin wants to stick in the Untied States. She's a nice girl, and loves animals. But she faces discrimination fairly often from people in town. 



Kat parks -- Sister


Elizabeth Silverton -- Boss

Vicotira Brooke -- Co-Worker


Erin Oswald -- Girlfriend

Kennedy Berkley -- Friend

Temperance Elkins -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"Why would I ever go to church?  The only priest that is accepting of my orientation is Father Cantrell, and we all know he's the minority of his type."

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