Bonnie Calvert
Bonnie Calvert


Bonnie Calvert




Loan Officer

Date of Birth

June 18th, 1983


Elise Calvert


Gerald Grant


Cole Grant (Half-Brother) (Deceased)

Bonnie Calvert (June 18th,1983) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  Growing up she did not know her father, as he paid her mother $2300/month to keep quiet about Bonnie's existence. When she started high school, a big scandal came out revealing that she was his illegitimate daughter. But her father decided to want to get to know her after that. Still, it wasn't easy for her, as people in town constantly were talking about it. She refused to change her name to Grant. She also discovered she had a half-brother who was 33 years old. After finishing High School Bonnie traveled around the world. She'd return home every month to talk to her father about what she had seen. Her father died in 2011. She then spent a year in Florida before returning to Rising Hope after her brother's death. She wanted to make sure she got to know her nephew. She and Diane don't see eye to eye, but she and Gavin get along very well. 



Gerald Grant -- Father

Cole Grant -- Half-Brother

Gavin Grant -- Nephew

Diane Grant -- Sister-In-Law


Phillip Dalton -- Boss

Priscilla Dalton -- Boss

Lorenzo Wolf -- Co-Worker

May Colt -- Co-Worker

Bianca Ness -- Co-Worker


No outstanding questions


"I... don't really know him.  Why does it matter if I'm a Grant or not?" - To reporters on learning that her father was Gerald Grant.

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