The Bloom Decree was signed in 1801 banning the use of the name of Mathias Bloom and his decendants in Cascade Falls


We The people of Cascade Falls, here ont he date of July 18th1801 have come to the agreement that the name "Mathias Bloom" shall never again be mentioned in our town. Nobody with the name "Bloom" shall be allowed to have residence in our fair town of Cascade Falls. It has such been passed into law. His name shall thus forth be a taboo in our town, and should not be mentioned by anbyody. We, the undersigned agree to uphold this law, and have our ancestors uphold this law, or may we all, and all of our ancestors, burn in hell should we not comply.



Effect of the LawEdit

The law had no major effect on town until Liam Dunkill threatened to out Jordan Moore as the descendant of Bloom and have her kicked out of town. This caused Jordan to go insane, and kill Liam and his family. She then went on a murder spree lasting from July 13th 2007 - October 17th 2007. She killed 18 people.

Law RepealedEdit

The Law was repealed on July 13th 2008 by Mayor Courtney Lott. She decreed that the truth about Bloom be spread, so that such horrific murders would never occur again. She also allowed Lorelei Russelll another descendant of Bloom to live in town.