Bianca Ness
Bianca Ness


Bianca Ness





Date of Birth

November 19th, 1984


Betty Ness


JD Ness


Graham Ness

Bianca Ness (November 29th, 1984) was born in Rising Hope, Alabama.  Her mother and brother were mentally unstable. She and Graham werent' close growing up at first -- but when her father was killed when she was 12 years old, she and Graham bonded when he took care of her. She in turn tried taking care of him as well. When she was 16 years old her mother died as well, leaving Graham as her only caretaker. She graduated from high school in 2002. She then went to college. In 2007 she finished college, and took a job at the bank hoping to get her brother to stop helping the FBI out on cases. She considers Alana Katz a good friend as well. Bianca makes friends easily, but she hates those who don't treat her brother right. Though she's not smarter than her brother, she can come off that way because she's mentally stable. She considers her brother the most important person in her life. Bianca doesn't date, feeling she owes her brother for taking care of her for all that time -- it's her turn to take care of him.



JD Ness -- Father (Deceased)

Betty Ness -- Mother (Deceased)

Graham Ness -- Brother


Phillip Dalton -- Boss

Priscilla Dalton -- Boss

Bonnie Calvert -- Co-Worker

May Colt -- Co-Worker

Lorenzo Wolf -- Co-Worker


Alana Katz -- Friend

Ella Katz -- Friend

Madison Lass -- Friend


No outstanding questions


"My brother may be unstable, but he's still a person.  And anyone who doesn't treat him right, has to answer to me.  Got it?  Good."

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