Anders Katz
Dr. Katz


Anders Katz





Date of Birth

December 31st, 1958


Alana Katz


Ella Katz

Anders Katz (December 31st, 1958) was born in Rising Hope Alabama.  He had one older sister. But by the time he was 15 years old he was all alone. He managed to get a scholarship to study psychology of the human mind. In 1986 he opened up The Katz Psychiatry Clinic. In 1994 he started seeing Graham Ness for his mental issues. It was also then that he met Alana. Anders was highly respected in his field, and was able to help many people out. In 1996 he and Alana started dating despite their age difference of 18 years. A year later they got married. It was also then that they had a daughter together -- Ella. Anders adores Ella, but sometimes can come off as not having much emotion due to his work. In 2004 his wife joined his practice and they named it Katz and Katz Psychiatric Clinic. 



Alana Katz -- Wife

Ella Katz -- Daughter


Karen French -- Co-Worker


Graham Ness -- Friend/Patient


No outstanding questions


"In my line of work, we are meant to... listen.  I see people, and I wonder... can I help them?  The worst thing for a psychiatrist to experience... is for his or her patient to go off the deep end.  So in regards to my thoughts on the experiments done on Jenna and Grey Angel... I have to say that they were a complete and total failure."

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